HD Client Musings - Episode 6

Hades, 25, Estate Agent
'I was few months away from getting married to my beautiful fiancée and at that current time, since losing my hair I felt so much older than my actual age. And I wanted to look good for my wedding and the photos so I could look back on them in years to come. But right then, I felt old and not good. And I don’t feel attractive to my fiancée. I was self-conscious and embarrassed having to explain the way I felt. Now that I’ve actually had my hair restored by Hair Development to my former self I feel like I can move forward with security and confidence. I truly feel with the guidance of the HD experts that this is something I want to carry on with even after my special day. I can’t believe the way I just really feel and look so much better and being 25, I can’t wait to restart my life with my wife by my side, All the styles are so on trend and I can always get advice an help from HD, even just knowing they are there for me with no pressure and always a solution.'

Aisha Twyman

Hair Development's Extensionsist to the stars, Aisha Twyman, has graced the heads of countless celebrities, royalty and TV stars and worked on shows including Britain's Next Top Model and The Agency. Her knowledge and expertise are reknowned in the industry. Aisha says,
I only work with the very best products and that is why I choose Hair Development every time. The hair is superb, ethical and so beautiful and Stanley & Mark's HD team are professional, charming and tuned-in.

HD Client Musings - episode 7

Ares, 62, Accountant
'I’ve been married for over 35 years, and was feeling extremely unattractive to my wife even though she said she loves me the way I am, or rather, the way I was, but I felt like I wasn’t good enough for her anymore. I think maybe it was pride, and I feel silly having to say this, but I couldn’t help the way I felt. Maybe it was a mid-life crisis, but I was so reassured by the ladies at Hair Development, that my feelings should not be disregarded because I am a man. I felt like I was in a safe place at Hair Development. I was told by the Consultant that I could not just feel better but look better and younger too, and I’m not being vain but I think I actually do look 15 years younger and judging by my wife’s reaction to me, she does too! There are so many options at Hair Development, in house treatment, home improvement. So many choices too, with colours and greys and styles and I opted for one colour with a grey percentage, which can be added to over time, to look completely realistic. I can even have anything tailor made to my specifications. HD really have enhanced my life.'

Brenda Eaton

Horsham, West Sussex
When I was looking for a hair-piece, my hairdresser suggested that I should contact Hair Development, a company based in London, as I have limited walking it was difficult for me to visit them personally, however I must say that they were extremely helpful in making me a custom made ponytail in Indian Remy hair and went to such a lot of trouble to get it just the way I wanted. In all my many years of dealing with all sorts of companies, Hair Development were above and beyond in their customer service to me and I was astonished at the trouble they went to ensure that I was completely happy with the pony tail. All of our contact was over the telephone but they were unfailingly helpful, kind and made me feel special as their customer and in providing me with something that I am delighted with. I have no hesitation in recommending Hair Development their service is second to none.

Scruffs, Cambridge

Scruffs, the award winning, most highly reputable salon in Cambridge, led by Garry Chapman and family.
Hair Development are a dream to work with, always moving forward in the technical and fashion world and we at Scruffs have trusted and worked with HD for over 30 years.

HD Client Musings - episode 8

Hebe, 16, schoolgirl
'At my first appointment at Hair Development I was twelve years old and came in crying with my mum. By the end of the appointment I was very happy and excited about having brand new hair. The lady I saw explained a few options to my mum and me that were different to the wig that I had been wearing from somewhere online. As I got older I could tell it was too thick and fake looking, girls in school started to say things that were not nice. I told the lady at Hair Development an example of an embarrassing situation at a sleepover the year before with the old wig I had before and that in the morning it the wig had come off and a couple of the girls were already awake and they were giggling. I was so upset and back then my mum didn’t know that you could come to an actual place for hair., as we had only ordered online before. But we found HD and that changed everything. It all looked really real and so nice and silky and natural and that was a game changer. Secondary school had made me more self-conscious and I wanted to fit in and have no worries. Hair Development gave me hair that was natural and that made my teenage years a lot easier than they would have been if I had stuck with the over thick horrible wig from before. I cannot thank HD enough for changing my life.'

HD Client Musings 10

Ares, 32, software tech
I know lockdown was a terrible time, and even though I work from home most of the time anyway, my hair loss really affected my mental health. I suppose, looking back, I was quite pleased to be indoors, it seemed a bit of a sanctuary. I worked, felt horrible, didn't realise how much it would affect me, being without my hair. Now that I'm able to go back in to Hair Development my confidence is back and it sort of felt like a relaxing spa like treatment. I sat under the laser machine, had a brilliant head massage and walked out feeling like my old self again. It's good to be back.

HD Client Musings episode 11

Juno, 39, retail
I always thought I was a pretty strong person, but without being able to go into Hair Development during most of this past year really brought me down. Now that I can go back there, now that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I am so relieved. The specialists take such care and my hair is beautiful once again. I just feel so much better about everything.

HD Client Musings - episode 1

Athena, actress, 49, names changes for discretionary purposes
I am curly. My life has been spent with my very own hair rejecting even the mere idea of being straight or glossy. It recoils from the silky approach. And when I say recoils, I mean it literally springs back in anger.Having worked as an actor for oh so many, many moons I can reveal that I have been literally thrown out of a casting director’s office at the BBC for not looking like a drug addict ‘what drug addict has hair like a princess?’ I have been pushed aside by a multitude of Amazonian bronzed blondes at various auditions throughout my sojourn in Hollywood. I have been shunned for being curly, let alone ginger (as if that wasn’t bad enough).I was before my time you know. This was in an era when true redheads were known as ‘those unspeakable corkscrewed ginger things.’ Screwed may be right too. The quirky redhead. The ginger squirt. The flame-haired girl with a temper to match.I sound more like the warm—up act for Cirque du Soleil. But I was an actress! A serious, well-trained, professional beast of the profession. At that time, when the 80’s were simmering in to the 90’s nobody looked like me in Hollywood. One redheaded actress had been tried in a few movies and that was that for a while. No natural redheads. Some were be-wigged and fortified with red hair. But guys come on, don’t you know we are bloodless. We have fire roaring through our veins. We have wild volcanic nether regions. And you can’t get that from fake hair. And FYI, HD can custom make anything, even Merkins, if you will.So with the help of Hair Development, I have expanded my colour range without any damage to my natural hair. I have decided to opt in to the beauty of the curl and let them fly free!  I have cleverly added other shades to my repertoire. Beachy blonde, softly warmed amber and being amazing HD hair (read more in the website description, I’m not one for technicalities, I just know what’s lush), they curl like my own and suddenly, magnificently I have an incredible head of glorious bouncy curls. Curlage. Have I just coined a new word?I shall wear them proudly, freely, without hesitation, maybe repetition but most certainly deviation (can a curl deviate? I think so!). 

HD Client Musings episode 14

Arete, 47, administrator
Lockdown affected me really badly. I was nervous and so scared and started losing bits of my hair. That was so frightening. My friend follows Hair Development on Instagram and she told me to take a look. I was nervous to call but plucked up the courage and spoke to a lady on the phone who was so sweet and calm and put me at ease. I went in to see them, just to talk and they explained the different processes to me, which was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. My hair is lovely and I just feel so much better and also I can talk to them whenever I want advice. Brilliant actually, would highly recommend Hair Development, they really do care.

HD Client Musings - episode 16

Zephyr, 67, gardener
Thank you Hair Development, I am not a man of many words, but my appreciation is sincere and heartfelt.

HD Client Musings - episode 17

Clio, 24 - marketing
Since coming to Hair Development my hair is so beautiful and you can't even tell I'm wearing extensions, they are so amazing and I have never had so many compliments! Love my hair sooo much!

HD Client Musings - episode 19

Daphna, 67, florist
I'm writing this on behalf of my husband. He was so upset when he started losing his hair, then he became embarrassed to even speak to anybody about it and he kept wearing his old cap. So I researched it for him and I felt so comfortable when I read about Hair Development. I called them and made an appointment for a consultation and we went in but I waited outside and went for a lovely coffee at the little Italian coffee shop. My husband called when he had finished and I went back to Hair Development and he came out a very happy man, confident and really feeling like himself again. And he looked so good too, like his old lovely self. I feel such relief about him feeling alright again. The specialists at Hair Development were all so kind and gentle and understanding and made him feel ok about everything. We are so happy now to be in the safe hands of Hair Development. Thank you ever so much.

HD Client Musings - episode 2

Odysseus, 32, banker - names changed for discretionary purposes
I had been losing my hair since I was seventeen. I started playing football and that’s when I first became aware of it. In the showers after practice and one of the guys said that when my hair looked wet it looked like nothing. That hurt and since that time I had been just really self conscious. I left college and got a job in the city. I was all suited up and anyway, it didn’t really matter much to me because I was so worried about my hair. I was successful at my job. I had to be. Because I needed to prove to myself I was more than the sum of my hair. Which wasn’t much of a sum at all. Then one of my colleagues told me about Hair Development. He had been going there for years. And so I went too. I had a consultation, which was free and no pressure whatsoever. The expert was so understanding and explained what they could do and they did an examination on my head with a special machine. I left HD feeling so much better about everything. They said to think about it, but by the time I got to the station I already knew what I wanted to do. I had a system made especially for me. Custom made. Bespoke if you will. They said I had caught the problem early enough so that a lot of people wouldn’t even notice. I didn’t believe it but it turned out to be true. When I first went back to work after having my system fitted I thought people might say stuff. They did in as much as one of the guys said I looked really well and what a cool suit I was wearing. It was new actually, but looking back I think it was the way I held myself because I felt so much better about myself. One of the girls at work said I looked taller. I think I had slouched in the past. As if that would make my head disappear! Seems mad doesn’t it. Even when I went down south to see my mum, even she didn’t even notice, she just said I looked really good. I told her of course I did, she’s my mum! I only wish I’d done it years ago. Thank you HD, you are a literal lifeline.

HD Client Musings - episode 3

Daphne, 45, retail, names changes for discretionary purposes
I first came to Hair Development because I was experiencing lots of hair loss. I used to have really thick hair and I started to experience thinning and patches in my hairline and I was really concerned about how it looked and I feel like it was ageing me.I used to relax my hair too, and I also have a skin condition that has caused the relaxer to scar those areas. Since the skin condition was diagnosed and as the years went on, my hair was a lot thinner and it made me feel awful and I didn’t know what to do.Then I came to HD to discuss Hair Replacement and the Laser Hair Re Growth Therapy.I loved how passionate the stylist was, she talked to me gently and gave me all the information that I needed, but also that I didn’t feel forced into anything in my consultation, but I already knew before it was finished what I was going to do.I’ve now had a lace frontal system fitted and it’s brought back so much life to my face and how good I feel when I look in the mirror and I love the options of bleached knots. I cannot believe how realistic it looks, to the point where I have to double check in the mirror because I can’t believe it’s really me! I can’t thank HD enough for bringing me back to life.

HD Client Musings - episode 4

Corinna, 27, Booker, names changed for discretionary purposes

When I was little my nanny always braided my hair really tightly for school, and church, and family outings and school trips and by the time I could wear it loose, which is when I first left school and got a job, the front was thin and it was thin all over really. It’s straight naturally, but the ends were always sparse, horrible, I hated it. I got a fantastic job as a booker at a model agency and one of the models told me about Hair Development, she’s been going there for years, all her friends go there too, models , dancers, all super glam and so I went there as well. The lady who gave me my consultation was really nice, just really understanding and kind and she listened to me. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my hair is now long and thick and I love it so much. I have a VolumeXtra on top to hide the thin broken bits and these gorgeous extensions on the rest. I have also have sessions on the laser machine which has made my hair stronger and in better condition. I just feel really good now, I have confidence, I’m a happy HD girl and I heart Hair Development!

HD Client Musings - episode 5

Georgius, 43, builder, names changed for discretionary purposes
A few years ago my wife left me. I know she didn’t leave me because I was losing my hair, she met someone else, still I felt terrible and lost my confidence. I started to gain weight and didn’t buy new clothes for a couple of years. I let myself go. That’s was weak of me and I’m ashamed of that. But my life has turned around now. The thing I wanted most, more than working out and new stuff, even more than getting my wife back, was to have hair again. That’s where Hair Development came in. I saw an ad and called them. My heart was banging, but they put me at ease and so I went in for a consultation. That was four years ago. Now I feel like I’ve got my life back. My new life. As soon as I had hair it gave me the incentive to go training again. I feel like a new bloke. I’m actually alright with myself and I don’t think I ever really was before. Not really. My ex got married again and I’m happy for her. I have met someone too. Life is good.

HD Client Musings - episode 8

Coming into HD is like being with family, they are caring, honest and always make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I have been coming here for more than ten years and am always happy in this kind environment, lots of love, Eve

HD Musings episode 12

Poseidon, 55, finance
Never dreamed I would want to get back to the city after this past year. It was always so manic before lockdown, the commute, getting a seat on the train (even though I'm the sort of bloke to give up my seat), even the hassle of queuing for a sandwich. I relish the journey now, the fact that I can buy lunch and being right in the City of London, I hadn't realised the actual beauty of the place. Most of all, I get to go back to Hair Development where I've been going for years. They make me look like me. That's all I want really, just to feel ok about looking like myself again.

Client Musings episode 13

Galen, 75, retired
I felt a bit embarrassed to be asking for hair at my age, a lot of men my age have thinning or no hair, so I initially felt a bit uncomfortable to walk in to the establishment and thought would they be wondering why I was there at my age, but as soon as I was welcomed inside I instantly felt at ease at how kind the consultant was to me, letting me know I'm never too old to feel good about myself. She was so patient and went through colours, hair styles, percentages of grey, things I hadn't even thought about, I couldn't believe I had so many options. I literally felt a weight lifted from me. I could even choose a bespoke system made with lighter density. I didn't realise that there was so much involved and such care taken. When I finally received my own system, made just for me, the colours blended in so well because I only have a bit of grey, and it was personalised to me. I'm not even sure I'm wearing a system, it's so lightweight and I feel like it's growing from my head. Now I know how so many movie stars still have all their hair....

HD Client Musings - episode 15

Anemoi, 41, banker
Coming back to Hair Development felt like coming home. When their doors reopened I walked in and instantly knew I was safe and that everything would be ok. My office is reopening soon and I was pretty uptight for obvious reasons, but now I'm ready. I am back to my old self, maybe even better than before because I feel so grateful now too.

Josh Altback

Joshua Altback has been in the Hairdressing industry for 20 years specialising in all types of hair extensions for weddings, hair shows, photo-shoots and events. Among his many accolades, Josh is a Visionary Award Winner at the Alternative Hair Show, London Fashion Week and the L'Oreal colour trophy. Josh is a big fan of HD hair and says;
Specialising in wedding hair I always recommend using Hair Development's hair extensions as the quality is the best...ordering is easy and service is great and on time.

Kerry Warn

Top International hairstylist Kerry Warn has built a stellar international reputation enjoyed by only a handful of hairstylists working today.

Kerry has created the looks for hundreds of magazine covers in both the US and UK, including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Interview, Rolling Stone, and Glamour. He is responsible for hairstyles that appear on the runways in Paris, Milan, New York and London and for many high profile advertising campaigns such as Prada, Chanel, Ungaro, and The Gap.

Over the years, Kerry has numbered among his many high-profile clients Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Sophia Loren, Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Kirsten Dunst, Heidi Klum, Isabella Rossellini, Kevin Costner, and Clint Eastwood.

Today, Kerry Warn has become a leading force in film. Having established a close working relationship with Nicole Kidman, he has created the hairstyles for many of her best-known films including Eyes Wide Shut, The Others, The Hours, The Interpreter and the Baz Luhrman film Australia. Read what Kerry says about Hair Development and then read about Kerry to see why his words are such an important endorsement of our hair!

Here's what Kerry had to say about Hair Development.

'I chose Hair Development for hair because I am 100% confident about the quality, consistency and reliability of the hair. Only the finest human hair can deliver exceptional results that look and feel totally natural. My reputation depends on the final look so I can’t afford to use anything but the best hair. That’s why I use and recommend Hair Development.'

Lee Stafford

Multi award winning celebrity Hairdresser Lee Stafford, creator of fabulous hair products and Lee Stafford Education in colleges throughout the UK
 'I love Hair Development Hair Extensions for their innovation, the HD Team and because they're the best.' 

Movies, TV, Theatre

Hair Development Hair can be seen on a continuous basis in TV, Film and the stage as well as everyday life. Aside from creating wigs for blockbuster movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings, we design and supply for Spitting Image, including the original Dame Margaret Thatcher and Miss Piggy wigs, musicals such as 42nd Street, TV commercials, TV shows including Strictly Come Dancing & The X Factor, as well as adorning numerous TV stars and Pop Stars on TV and in arenas across the globe. To pursue your perfection, Hair Development are the Transformation Artists for you. Hair Development. Look no further.


I have been a barber since I left college. Always loved it, it's so creative and I get such a buzz when I make my clients feel good. But I wanted to know more, about hair, hair loss, what to do when clients lose their hair, which is why I took the Life After The Beard course at Hair Development in London. It was brilliant, they are really cool people and know everything about hair, I literally had no idea how incredible this business actually is. HD is right next to Shoreditch, so I went to Spitalfields Market for lunch, it's such an edgy part of London. I will go again, because now I do business with HD regularly and I've built up my client base, people who don't even have much hair come to me now and I can deal with clients who are losing it from losing their own hair, then I liase with HD and they take care of everything. Thanks guys, couldn't have done ot without you.


I've been a barber for close to twenty years, always loved my work, artistic, banter, clients who were always well pleased like. But I got to the stage where I lost some clients because they were losing their hair. I felt like a right slummock when they left me to find somebody who could give them what they wanted. So I looked into training in hair replacement and found a mint training course at Hair Development down in London. Got certified and now my clients don't need to go anywhere else. And Hair Development are always there to help me with orders, products, next day delivery. Belta.

Tracey Sims

Tracy Sims is an Award-Winning extensions and hair replacement expert based in Canada. Since establishing her business 13 years ago, she has trusted and used Hair Development's human hair extensions and replacement systems, believing them to be the very best.

Testimony of this is the fact that Tracy imports hair all the way from the UK to her salon in Vancouver Island! In 1997, Tracy triumphed at the Calgary Championships and here's what she has to say about HD!

After many years of ordering from the wonderful team at Hair Development, I can truly say without hesitation, that the level of Customer service and care that you receive is flawless, thorough and consistent throughout the entire company. I have been treated extremely well with every order or enquiry I have placed, and their after sales care is as equally supportive and consistent. From the point of ordering, no problem is too big or small to trouble shoot! I have ALWAYS received not just answers, but solutions, or help where needed, not to mention that the quality of their goods from bulk hair, to ladies and gents pieces, as well as all their accessories are of the very highest quality and standard. The [HD] team seem to be constantly trying to improve on things that are all ready perfect, this encourageous me to strive to make us bigger and better!

I have had such a wonderful experience with all the staff at Hair Development, who work all so well together, and have always looked after me so well, regardless of who answers the phone. From taking an order, to updating me on new items I may benefit from, designing a custom made hair piece, to getting orders in the last post as an urgent rush job, they are never inconvenienced, they're all just so happy to help their customers, which is why I just keep going back.

I adore this company so much that despite me moving my business overseas, my loyalty remains with Hair Development's products and services, as I truly believe that there is no other place that compares for the quality of products for my customers; as well as the speedy, courteous and accommodating responses I receive from all the staff.

I believe that they will effortlessly flourish and continuously surprise us with more wonderful ideas!

Thank you Hair Development for helping my business through using yours!