The Best of the Blushing Blondes

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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The Best of the Blushing Blondes

We recently published a countdown of our favourite brunettes, and now it’s time to measure the celebrities with beautiful blonde manes. Whether it’s natural or artificial, blonde hair looks amazing when done right, and these ladies are a shining example of how to rock light, lustrous locks.

Ever since Marilyn Monroe set the bar high for women with blonde hair, celebrities across the globe have tried to transform themselves into blushing blondes. With summer on the way, we think many more ladies in the spotlight will dye their hair lighter, but for now here are our favourite celebs sporting golden locks.

Scarlett Johanson

The ultimate busty blonde, Scarlett is every man’s fantasy woman. The sizzling actress is often voted sexiest woman and we reckon her signature blonde style has something to do with it. Scarlett has been seen with brown hair in a couple of roles but we think she always looks best blonde.

Reese Witherspoon

Blonde hair and blue eyes, this actress has a stunning look which makes men weak at the knees and women green with envy! We had to include Reese Witherspoon as she starred in the wonderful Legally Blonde movies, proving that brains and beauty can be combined and not all blondes are ditzy!

Taylor Swift

This talented young songstress has recently shot to fame around the world, with many fans loving her new edgier style and shorter haircut. Taylor’s tresses are naturally dark blonde and very versatile; she started off with long ringlets on the country scene, then went more mainstream with her music – and her hair. Her long straight blonde bob and red lips are now part of Swifty’s signature style and we love it. But we think she also looked fantastic with long hair, and the experts at Hair Development predict in the near future she’ll be using natural looking hair extensions to shake up her look.

Jennifer Aniston

Best known for her ‘Rachel’ haircut, Jennifer Aniston is a hair icon who can do no wrong. Sitting firmly in the middle of blonde and mousy brown, with dark blonde hair mixed with highlights and lowlights, she has rocked many styles and colours and always looks beautiful.

Gwen Stefani

If you look to anyone for platinum blonde inspiration, it has to be Gwen Stefani. Her bright blonde locks are a part of her personality, and she’s also known for her quirky hairstyles. No one can pull it off like Gwen!