The Hair Story of One Direction

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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The Hair Story of One Direction

They are one of Britain’s hugest boy bands, hot heartthrobs who have girls screaming their name from all over the globe – but where would they be without their hair? Male hair extensions have increased in popularity in recent years, and these styles from Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik are all easily replicable with a little Hair Development magic. Being hair icons as well as international stars, they have had a fair few hair developments of their own.

Here, we take a look at some of their most enduring hair transformations over the years, focusing on the style stories of Harry, Louis and Zayn:

Harry Styles

At the tender age of 16, Harry Styles appeared with a mop of thick boyish hair. Before Harry acquired a polished look, his own hair was naturally very thick and voluminous giving it a lot of potential to be used to experiment with a multitude of varying looks.

As time passed, Harry opted to tame the tangles with a sleek side swept do akin to Justin Bieber. The thickness and texture of his hair is still highly apparent.

Harry’s thick, strong hair could easily be tousled into an experimental half-hawk with an edgier, more grown up appeal. A far cry from his original wild tresses, the look he cultivated is half untamed, half sculptured for an intriguing culmination.  It is a style that can’t be achieved by everyone naturally – he is blessed with thick hair!

Louis Tomlinson

Louis also shared a style similar to Justin Bieber with a straight, sleek side shag. This look made him appear very youthful and boyish, fitting the singer’s debut. As Louis’ career began to take off so did his hair! Stepping out with an uplifting, wind-blown look really suited the shape of his face and is far more flattering than his previous style giving him a slightly cheeky, mischievous and unique appeal. Securing himself as a heartthrob, Louis’ hairstyles became increasingly complimenting, working with his face shape.

With slightly lightened ends, his most recent brunette concoction looks rich, thick and reminiscent of chocolate, which suits Louis’ olive skin tone and blue eyes. The look here is a little less maintenance with a just-rolled-out-of-bed charm.

Zayn Malik

Zayn embraced a very rock and roll edgy appearance from the start of the band with thick spiky locks that looked both youthful and dramatically different.  Zayn’s dark locks were then teased into a tousled whirl with blonde added for emphasis showing the versatility long locks provide.

In 2014, Zayn returned to his spikes but gave them a side swept, sweeping style with shaved sides to look even more edgy and rock and roll! The quick update comprised of military precision and rebellious flare.

These boys are certainly ones to watch as their hairstyles will continue to evolve and transform. If you’ve been inspired by the potential of thick, textured hair, acquaint yourself with the endless options of hair extensions and hair replacement systems available to men of all ages.