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21 October 2020
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The Legend SL

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close up attractive male model smiling with hand i 74X9QCB

Hair Development is at the leading edge of professional non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems for men, women, everybody. Headed by our beloved CEO Stanley Levy MTTS, of blessed memory, for over 50 years HD has developed revolutionary Hair Replacement solutions and some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing techniques for clients who demand the highest quality, with completely natural looking undetectable results and superb value for money.

Having trained closely for many years under the expertise and guidance of Stanley, HD continues to thrive with HD’s Managing Director Mark Burns MTTS and Creative Director Janis Levy MTTS, along with the superb and highly specialised HD Team.

Hair Development uses the highest quality of workmanship and ethically sourced premium human hair and are proud to be recommended by The Trichological Society (TTS).

100% Quality                    100% Natural                  100% ethical                   100% Confidence

Our Systems

We were the first company to create, introduce and pioneer MGHR (Miracle Graft Hair Replacement). MGHR is our unique translucent membrane of varying thicknesses that imitate the skin of the clients scalp. Our experts implant the finest quality hand selected human hair, one strand at a time to replicate the natural growth, colour and texture of hair growing from the scalp, achieving a perfect match with the clients own natural hair.

The Legend SL

Meticulously designed by Mark Burns MTTS in honour of Stanley, this wonderful system has the advantages of a bespoke system without the wait, with fine French lace, 100% Indina Remy Human Hair. Freestyle knotting and the ability to personally resize the base.

The Hollywood Secret

Have you ever marvelled at how incredibly glorious hair adorns celebrities who we perhaps know do not have their own hair? Or how seemingly, stars all seem to have amazing heads of wonderful hair?

After years of continuing research and development you can now have the same incredible results using our finest soft lace, allowing the scalp to show the hairline, wherever the parting may be. Hand selected 100% Human Hair is carefully knotted by our craftsmen, one hair at a time, onto the French lace. Once placed on your skin the lace integrates seamlessly with the scalp to replicate the hair naturally growing from the head. A lace front also allows for hairstyles that are worn off the face.

These techniques give Hollywood stars their natural head of beautiful hair and youthful appearances.

Contact us

Our specialist knowledge and expertise is trusted by Hair Replacement clinics worldwide and individual clients alike. Both trade and personal clients are given our acclaimed customer service from the very first contact.

Confidential consultations are offered free of charge without obligation.

020 7790 4567