The Pursuit of Longer, Thicker Hair

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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The Pursuit of Longer, Thicker Hair

Both women and men everywhere seem to be in the pursuit of longer, thicker hair, with celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger and Jared Leto leading the way for the ladies and the gentlemen. It seems that when it comes to hair length in 2014, more is more! We take a look at the celebrities at the forefront of this trend for lustrous locks.

Penelope Cruz – This Spanish beauty is renowned for her dark and mysterious good looks, and her hair is a huge factor. Long, thick and with a subtle wave, Ms Cruz’s hair is what many women seek to emulate in their search for the perfect ‘do. She has proven the versatility of her locks by wearing many sleek updos to special events, before letting her hair hang loose at the after-parties – well, when you have glamorous, shiny tresses like this, why not?

The Kardashians – These sisters wouldn’t be seen in front of a camera lens without their curls coiffed to perfection. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are the oldest sisters, known for their love of high glamour and all things A-list. All three step out in front of the paparazzi with varying hair styles on a daily basis, but all of their styles have one thing in common: they feature thick, lengthy dark hair.

Shakira – The Columbian pop star is naturally blessed with the most incredible curly hair which barely needs styling – it’s enough to make any girl jealous! Her blonde-tinted locks are one of her most appealing features and thousands of women across the world would do anything to replicate her long, thick tresses. 

Don’t forget the gents! Jared Leto is the one leading the long hair trend for the men, but he’s far from the only one who’s sported below-the-shoulder locks in the past year. Chris Hemsworthhas shown off majestic blond locks in his role as the god Thor, while Joaquin Phoenix has famously pulled off a number of longer styles that suit his brooding good looks perfectly. 

But unless you’re genetically blessed with long, lustrously thick locks, how can you achieve this look?

Hair extensions are the answer. For those who want to achieve this lusted-after look but struggle to thicken or grow their hair, many turn to invisible, high-quality hair extensions that don’t harm the root and look just fabulous. Whether your hair idol is Mr Leto or Ms Scherzinger, you can achieve your dream ‘do with the help of human hair extensions.