Thin Hair: Mistakes to Avoid

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Thin Hair: Mistakes to Avoid

It can be a lifelong challenge to give fine, flat hair some oomph and volume and adding height to your fine locks can be a dream which never materialises. However, you can get the most out of what you have if you avoid making these daily mistakes. Thin-haired ladies don’t stress – this could make your hair even finer – but also because these tips can help you make the most of your locks.

Heaps of Heat

Using the lukewarm setting on a dryer can give limp hair a much needed body boost. However, using too much heat can have the opposite effect and make hair wilt. Using a curling iron? Climb aboard the roller hype. For large volumous curls that give the illusion of thickness, backcomb hair from the roots and add rollers rather than using curling tongues.

Top Tip: When blow drying hair use a round brush to give hair extra height, and stop it lying flat against the head. Brushing hair down can decrease the amount of hair volume due to friction.

Plethora of Products

When it comes to choosing hair products, if you have thin hair it is key to choose your stash wisely. Using too much product can weigh hair down, making it look limp and lifeless against the head. If you need to condition hair apply it only to the ends of the hair instead of all over, avoiding the roots at all costs. The same is said for styling your hair. If you MUST use products stick to hair ends, and use salt sprays when backcombing to add lift to the roots.

Carry on Crimping

Digging out old crimpers is a clever way to make hair expand so locks are lifted instead of lying flat. Crimping hair towards the scalp can give the illusion of thicker hair.

Struggling to crimp underneath layers? Try using a tiny crimper to get to all the hard to reach places. It also narrows the chance of sustaining a crimping related injury – we have all been there!

Leave Long Locks

When hair is thin it is tempting to grow hair longer to compensate. However, long hair can actually make thin hair look worse. In some cases it can even make hair thinner. This is because longer hair is prone to split ends and breakages.

Top Tip: Opt for a longer, blunter cut to make hair look fuller and thicker. Adding some form of depth such as quiffs or a messy look can make hair go from thin to fab in seconds.  

If you do prefer a longer length, which is always in fashion, we suggest opting for professional hair extensions. This will instantly give thickness to your style, and split ends won’t be a problem for months.

Do you have any tips on what not to do with thin hair? Share them with us on social media!