Three Top Tips to Keep Extensions in Prime Condition

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Extensions Care
2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Three Top Tips to Keep Extensions in Prime Condition

You’ve spent weeks of planning; texture choosing, colour matching and deciding what length to let your new luscious hair fall.  Now, all you need to do is maintain the human hair extensions in tip top condition, to ensure they last the lengthy amount of time they are designed to.  Obviously, extensions need to be kept in prime condition to look natural and healthy at all times, and to keep the secret between you and your hair stylist that the whole head of hair isn’t actually yours.

When caring for human hair extensions, you don’t necessarily have to do anything different than how you care for your natural tresses as it is made from human hair.  However, it is important to be more gentle and careful when washing and styling, to keep them lasting as long as possible. Here are our top 3 tips from the hair extension experts:

1. Use the Right Products    

It is important to use gentle, moisturising products when washing your hair and hair extensions, however it is recommended not to wash them too much.  Some shampoos and conditioners can dry out the extensions, and washing them often means you have to expose the hair to more heat damage caused by drying and styling.  Ask you hair stylist to recommend a brand of shampoo and conditioner which will deeply moisturise the extensions and make them last.  Although you might have to initially splash out on an expensive professional hair range, it will be worth your while if it increases the extensions’ staying power.

2. Protect from heat Styling

Hair extensions are particularly prone to heat damage, so ideally try and cut down on the amount of times a week you use heat styling.  Try and dry the hair naturally sometimes, or create an up-do hairstyle where the hair doesn’t need to be smooth and sleek.  When you do blow dry the hair or use heat straightening or curling irons, it is crucial to use a good heat protection product such as the Trionics Thermal Conditioning Spray which not only prevents heat damage but also adds a radiant shine.  Also be slow and gentle when styling hair extensions, very long hair can get tangled easily but don’t be too rough when brushing and combing as this will cause the hair to fall out.

3. Give Your Natural Hair a Break

Although many hair extension products are designed to last, it doesn’t mean you should keep them in until your hair is a ratty mess.  If cared for correctly, some hair extension systems can be removed and used time and time again.  But it is important to give your natural hair a rest, as long, thick extensions can weigh heavy on your hair and scalp.  Every few weeks remove permanent extensions, even just for a day or two, before putting them back in.  If you would like to remove them more often without the hassle, then choose clip on human hair extensions which give an instant glamorous look whenever you want it.

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