Tight Manbuns and Ponytails Can Cause Traction Alopecia and Thinning for on-Trend Guys

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2 October 2020
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2 October 2020
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Tight Manbuns and Ponytails Can Cause Traction Alopecia and Thinning for on-Trend Guys

All men of the moment are sporting one – but there are fresh warnings from the industry about the side effects of the manbun or ponytail. Hair replacement experts at Hair Development are joining top dermatologists and trichologists in warning men – and women – who regularly wear top knots and manbuns about the increased risk of traction alopecia.

Since the style came into fashion, dermatologists have seen more cases of traction alopecia as it appears the manbun, manbraid and ponytail can have an effect on a man’s hairline. Tightly pulling back the hair every day for hours on end can eventually lead to hair loss, and it seems many fashionistas aren’t aware of the condition until it’s too late.

Janis Levy, Creative Director of Hair Development said, “Vigorous combing or brushing and tight hairstyles are the main causes of traction alopecia. Sufferers will notice a receding hairline and wider partings at first, but prolonged tension can cause permanent hair loss. We want to raise awareness of the origins and effects of traction alopecia as there is very little information out there – most people simply don’t realise that their everyday hairstyle may be putting them at risk.”

“Manbuns and ponytails are the main culprits for men, while women who wear tight braids in cornrows or brush rollers could also be at risk. We recommend changing your hairstyle regularly to prevent tension on the same hair follicles every single day. Although the manbun is on trend, it’s important to switch it up and wear it loose or in a low ponytail a couple of times a week.”

Some badly applied extensions and wefts can also create tension on the scalp and play a part in causing traction alopecia. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure permanent extensions are fitted by a reputable company with ethical hair and procedures to reduce the risk.

Janis added, “As long as extensions are fitted by experts who follow guidelines and procedures, then they are perfectly safe. For example Hair Development offers a range of application systems, such as M-Fold connections, which are fitted without heat or chemicals, causing no damage to the hair or scalp whatsoever.”

The London based company also specialise in hair loss methods and procedures, and are positioned to help and advise anybody who is already suffering with traction alopecia. From laser re-growth therapy to state-of-the-art non-surgical procedures, the hair replacement experts can create bespoke solutions for all clients suffering from hair loss.