Top 5 Daring Celeb Hair Looks

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2 October 2020
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Top 5 Daring Celeb Hair Looks

Most celebrities change their hair colour and style more often than us regular citizens change our socks, so it’s no wonder that sometimes they have a moment of madness.  After being in the limelight for a few years, it becomes harder to choose an interesting style that hasn’t been done before; hence these daring and controversial decisions taken by stars across the globe.  Whether their stylists got it right or not, one thing is for sure: theses famous individuals were brave.  Very brave.

1.   Kristen Stewart

Very recently at Paris Fashion Week, young actress Kristen Stewart sported a brand new cropped look as she graced the front row.  Known for her long, wavy brunette locks (which she never stops touching during interviews) she has followed in the path of Jennifer Lawrence and decided to chop it all off.  Still very much a casual, tousled effect, the shorter hair is also dip dyed a very strange copper colour for an extra shock factor.

2.   Kelly Osbourne

Queen of outrageous hairstyles Kelly O never disappoints! These days she’s keeping it interesting with a purple colour all over, and one side of her head shaved.  Could anyone be more courageous than Kelly with hair colour and style? We don’t think so. But then again, would she look strange now with a subtle hairstyle and conventional colour? Probably!

3.   Katy Perry

This eclectic songstress is another hair chameleon in the world of the rich and famous, who experiments with colour, extensions and hairpieces.  Often sporting vivid blue and pink tones, most recently Katy Perry decided to dye her hair green.  Whilst not the most popular choice, it has led to others following in her footsteps, including the youngest member of the world’s hottest family, Kylie Jenner. 

4.   Perrie Little Mix

All the Little Mix girls like to experiment with colour, but Perrie is probably the most adventurous when it comes to daring, unnatural hair styles.  From platinum blonde to bright pink ends, she has even flaunted a silver lilac colour and pulled it off.  She’s always daring and always beautiful.

5.   Miley Cyrus

It’s been a few years now since Miley’s major transformation from teen star to provocative woman, but we can’t allow the drastic hair change to be missed from this list.  Miley Cyrus used her hair as the main way to change her image, and it certainly shocked the nation.  From long, flowing locks to a very short punk rock mohawk, this hairstyle certainly grabbed attention.  However if history is anything to go by, then along with many celebrities who make these drastic haircuts, Miley will soon be using professional hair extensions to claim back her crowning glory!