Top Looks Hair Extensions Can Help Guys Achieve

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2 October 2020
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Top Looks Hair Extensions Can Help Guys Achieve

man worried for alopecia checking hair for loss 324FTZN

man worried for alopecia checking hair for loss 324FTZN

While long luscious tresses may be traditionally associated with the female contingent, more and more gents are jumping at the chance to instantly enhance their locks and create a look that would take months, if not years to achieve. The convenient addition is becoming increasingly popular amongst fashion conscious fellas who love the look of longer hair but don’t want the hassle of growing it themselves. Here are our favourite styles that extensions can help you conquer:


Sexy ‘come hither’ hair is making a comeback and is the cut of choice for an ever increasing number of style savvy celebs. Teen heartthrob Harry Styles is an avid fan of the tousled look which has also been spotted on the likes of Rob Pattinson, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher and Zac Efron. The somewhat dishevelled look brings a cheeky touch of youthfulness to guys of all ages and looks just as good on the red carpet as it does on a trip to the supermarket! One of the best things about tousled hair is that it is incredibly low maintenance and easy to manage.


Hair extensions are a great way to achieve that sexy rugged look as seen on male fashion icons such as Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Russell Brand. These guys are the gods of making long hair seem gritty, masculine and oh so sexy. While it takes what feels like forever to grow hair past your shoulders, hair extensions allow you to instantly achieve a rugged look that will have girls going weak at the knees.


While long hair is perfect for creating a nonchalant look, extensions can also be used to sport a sleek and refined style. Think the suave cast of Mad Men, David Beckham’s red carpet look and Leonardo DiCaprio’s trademark slicked back style. Longer hair also allows you to create the much coveted ‘quiff’ sported by the likes of countless high fashion models and bearded hottie Ricki Hall.  

Rock Star

If you want to make an all-out impact then using hair extensions to achieve the rock star look will definitely get heads turning. The oldies love to flaunt this look as it’s a timeless classic that keeps even the wrinkliest of gents looking like they’ve just brought the roof down of a sell-out stadium. Think Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Steven Tyler and the eccentric men from Kiss. The long haired guise has also been embraced by the younger generation and looks amazingly appealing on modern day rock icons such as Jared Leto,

Whether you want to create a casually cool tousled look, a sleek and suave suited style or a rock ‘n’ roll worthy mane, male hair extensions from Hair Development will get you there – FAST!