Top Tips to Reverse Heat Damage

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Top Tips to Reverse Heat Damage

handsome young man looking in the mirror brushing 967DZGA

handsome young man looking in the mirror brushing 967DZGA

We’ve all been guilty of being a bit too generous with the straighteners or curlers – heat is the main culprit when it comes to hair damage. Yet so many effective styling techniques use heat, so it’s difficult to cut it out of your hair routine all together. Hair Development has put together a list of top tips to help people with damaged hair – start following these simple tips and notice your straw-like locks transform into silky tresses in no time.

1.   Introduce natural drying

For some of us, it would have been years since we have let our hair dry naturally. No wonder it is showing signs of damage! Every other time you wash your hair, try and resist the temptation to reach for the hairdryer, and let your hair dry naturally. While it may seem impractical, simply putting your hair in a plait or braid can stop it leaving your clothes wet. Also, it will kink the hair so it looks lovely when you take it out – then no need to use heat at all! Summer is the perfect time of year to rock the natural beach wave look, so protect your ends while you can. Otherwise, if you choose to straighten or otherwise style the hair with heat after it has dried naturally, you are still cutting down on the amount of heat styling, which your hair will thank you for.

2.   Always use heat protection

A heat protection spray is an absolute must for anyone who styles their hair regularly with heat. Don’t just apply it to wet hair – after it is dry and before you reach for your styling wand of choice, spray it again for further protection.

3.   Wash hair less often

The less you wash you hair, the less you’ll need to apply heat to it. Most of us wash our hair much more often than is needed. Tying your hair up will conceal greasy roots, and if you need added umph or volume then use dry shampoo instead. Your hair will thank you in the long run, as it will be less damaged and look much healthier.

4.   Deep condition

Every so often, around once a month, treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment. This will reverse some of the damage that has been done, and keep your locks looking lustrous for longer.

5.   Wear a longer style

People with very short hair may not be able to follow some of these steps – such as tying hair up to reduce the amount of washing, or letting it dry naturally at all. The only answer to this is to grow the hair out. Longer styles are much more versatile without heat!

6.   Only style extensions

Another way to avoid the heat altogether is to use fashion clip-in hair extensions for special occasions when you want to look glamorous. These will effectively add length and thickness, but the best bit about them is you can style them however you want without feeling guilty. Go from straight to curly as many times as you wish, as you’re not damaging your natural hair.

Have we missed out any top tips for preventing and reversing heat damage?