What is Virgin Hair, and Why Is It Popular?

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What is Virgin Hair, and Why Is It Popular?

closeup on luxurious glossy hair U7QFERN

closeup on luxurious glossy hair U7QFERN

The phrase ‘virgin hair’ is being used a lot more in the hair industry from hair salons to fashion runways worldwide. But, what makes virgin hair extensions so different? Find out here …

The Definition

Virgin hair refers to hair that is undamaged, unprocessed and completely intact. Not all healthy hair can be classed as virgin hair however. To qualify, hair must meet specific standards including: no previous bleach, colour, dye or chemical processing. Such hair also comes from one single donor with all cuticles intact and running in the same direction. Virgin hair is also hair that has not been exposed to harsh heats or treatments through straightening and blow drying.

Virgin Hair Types

There are 5 main sources that virgin hair can come from, each popular for different reasons: Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Brazilian and Russian.

Indian virgin hair is one of the most common and widely available hair types on the market today. Since India has an enormous population, with a large number of women who donate their hair for religious purposes regularly, India produces much of the world’s best virgin hair extensions.

Indian Hair

Very fine, bouncy and light, Indian virgin hair is easy to curl and style. Textures range from silky to coarse, and are a great choice for those who like versatile and flexible hair for styling. A popular choice due to texture and colour, Indian virgin hair maintains its silky texture for months, and is easily matched to many different ethnicities.

Peruvian Hair

Multipurpose and versatile, Peruvian virgin hair is hard to come by, and can be very expensive. Used for its thickness and rich dark colour, Peruvian hair is as light as a feather and used to give full bodied looks.

Malaysian Hair

A hit amongst celebrities, Malaysian hair is similar to Brazilian hair. Used for its clear lustre and shine, this virgin hair is popular for holding curls and wavy styles without additional product. This virgin hair is also less likely to frizz when exposed to humidity and moisture.

Brazilian Hair

One of the world’s most sought after hair types, Brazilian hair is coveted for its thickness and durability. Popular when blended with Caucasian and African American hair, Brazilian virgin hair helps give hair beautiful body.

Russian Hair

Renowned for being silky and glossy, Russian hair is rich in vitamins and is one of the world’s most expensive types of virgin hair. Available in a range of colours, this virgin hair type can last more than 5 years while remaining lustre and silky.

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