Hair Mistakes: What Stops Your Hair from Growing

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2 October 2020
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Hair Mistakes: What Stops Your Hair from Growing

Does it seem like your hair is taking forever to grow? Maybe it hasn’t grown in a significant amount of time? The chances are that your hair is growing, but so slowly you can’t see the progress. There are however, a few activities that men and women alike are guilty of that can stop hair from growing. Find out what they are here …

Chemical Damage

Normally caused through excessive hair dying, over lapping relaxers and using too many chemicals; chemical damage can severely limit the amount hair can grow – especially if attacked by peroxide on a regular basis. Damaged hair will still grow from the scalp, but can break off at the ends and require a drastic cut in order to tackle unhealthy sections.

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Excessive stress or anxiousness can be a major contributing factor to the amount hair can grow, and even though stress may not stop hair growing fully, it may make the process longer.

Stress can affect the physiological balance of your body, which can make hair fall out. Even though on average men and women shed around 100 hairs a day, those who are stressed may experience more hair fall out and breakage.


Those who don’t condition their hair on a regular basis may experience less hair growth. This is because unconditioned hair lacks essential moisture and oils to stay rooted in the follicle. Conditioning not only makes hair look good, it gives the scalp some much needed TLC.

Tip: Keep your hair in tip top condition by using argon oil to replenish moisture and nutrients lost during day-to-day activities.

Tight Hair Styles

Otherwise known as traction alopecia, sporting hairstyles that are too tight can do irreversible damage to hair follicles, which in time produces finer, thinner hairs. Not only does this increase the likelihood of hair loss, in some women it can also create a similar affect to male pattern balding. Caused by hair that is repeatedly puled too tight for prolonged periods of time, certain hairstyles such as braids and ponytails can reduce hair growth drastically.

Associated with scalp inflammation and redness, the condition can be painful or symptomless – and over time hair follicles can experience scarring. These follicles can then be replaced by fibrous tissue, making hair grow slower and making hair loss permanent over time.

Do you know anything that can stop hair from growing or have any top tips to increase hair growth? Share your thoughts with us on social media!