What to Consider When Choosing Hair Extensions

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What to Consider When Choosing Hair Extensions

closeup on luxurious glossy hair QKNUHSC

closeup on luxurious glossy hair QKNUHSC

So you cut your hair short to fit in with the current trend. You presumed it would be practical, easy to work with, and require fuss-free maintenance.  Two weeks later you’re bored with the limitation offered by short hair styles and desperately want those locks back! Lucky for you and thousands of others across the world, hair extensions are widely available and offer a natural looking way to provide longer hair.  But the wealth of choices can be daunting for first time wearers, who can get lost in the variety of colours, lengths, textures and different application options for hair extensions.  Read on for our comprehensive guide to choosing the right hair extensions for your hair:


One of the biggest concerns for new users of hair extenions (or, perhaps more commonly, those who have tried and failed at matching) is how to find a colour identical to their own. No one wants a stranger to notice they’re wearing extensions at a first meeting, and in fact with the right colour match you should even be able to fool friends and family members.  For the best result, try photographing your hair in natural light. An easy way to do this is to position a mirror in front of a window in daylight, so your natural shade is captured in your reflection. Then compare using a useful online colour guide to achieve foolproof colour-matching for your extensions.


When it comes to length, it is always wise to consider your body shape and height in addition to your current haircut.  Extremely long hair can look great on taller frames, and extensions can be purchased up to 55cm (that’s a huge 22 inches), giving instant waist-length hair that can be styled to no end. Longer extensions are also perfect for wearing out that pixie crop or bob, too – your new look will be unrecognisable.

Petite women might prefer a hair style just past shoulder-length, reducing the chance of making them appear shorter than they actually are.  A 25cm or 35cm pack of hair (that’s 10 or 14 inches) may be ideal for girls who want to create height – in their hair and their body frame.


Face shape is everything when choosing the right texture for your hair.  For a heart-shaped face, straight and sleek hair which can be easily up-styled accentuates a distinctive jawline. There is an array of choices on the market, from ready-to-wear Straight options or for more room to style and a more natural feel, opt for Relaxed Straight.

Waves and curls can offer instant glamour and a softer look for those previously donning a hard-edged, sculpted cut. They can compliment a round or square face shape and elongate shorter bodies, too. Choose French Body Wave or Deep Curl, adding permanent waves and big volume where you want it.

Fitting it

Finally, choosing the right application system for your scalp and hair is vital, which will also determine how long your extensions will last.  For the longest lasting extensions, resin-based application is key.  Supreme Pre-Bonded Extensions Systems allow extensions to be re-applied, and protect the scalp with shields to reduce risk of contact with hot resin.

For sensitive or damaged hair, it may be best to avoid any bonding resin-based application systems. Try the M-fold Connections for a temporary (but reusable) fix or, for a long-lasting look, the Strongest Link Mini-Strands Extension System keeps extensions in for up to three months.  These are kind to hair as the unique system requires no heat or chemical treatments.

However, if the look you’re going for is wavy, sewn-in extensions may be the best option. Choose the Premium-Sealed Flat Weft Sewing Extension System for the ultimate long-lasting, natural-looking waves.

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