90% of Women who Wear Extensions Keep Them a Secret from Friends and Family

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2 October 2020
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90% of Women who Wear Extensions Keep Them a Secret from Friends and Family

One third of women regularly wear hair extensions and 90% of them opt to keep it a secret from family and friends. Inspired by long locked celebrities including Cheryl Versini Fernandez and Kim Kardashian, teaming tresses remain firmly in fashion. For those who long to promote their luscious locks as their own, pioneering industry experts Hair Development promote a range of extensions options as a discreet, undetectable choice.

Over 34% of women regularly incorporate hair extensions into their beauty regime with 87% of women remaining tight lipped about their hair help. 76% of individuals revealed that they wore extensions to add volume to their hair with other key reasons including to add glamour or the ability to create versatile styles and effortless home application.

Managing Director of Hair Development, Mark Burns, said “For the most part, women aren’t intentionally keeping their hair extensions a secret. The craftsmanship nowadays is so good and with a huge range of natural looking textures and colours and utterly discreet application systems, it’s impossible for most people to tell. It never comes up in conversation, people assume the hair is natural and hair extension wearers go undetected. It’s a really wonderful feeling for the wearer to know that their look appears authentic and is not questioned. Nobody wants obvious extensions – everyone is hankering for that genuine, natural and healthy look.”

Wearers can opt for 100% virgin hair untarnished by chemicals, dyes and appliances or ethically sourced Indian ‘Remy’ hair all treated with a revolutionary Protein Moisture Injection Treatment. Designed to protect extensions against up to 100 shampoos, extensions remain smooth, silky and in optimum condition for longer.

With a range of extension applications available, wearers can opt for Concealed Connections which connect the extension to natural hair using a seamless, undetectable join. With nine other application systems available, wearers longing to add volume, length, texture and colour can choose the subtle system that suits them best.

Mark added, “Extensions used to be seen as something that only celebrities could indulge in but nowadays they are part of the mainstream. There truly is something for everyone whether they are looking for longer locks, thicker tresses or just to experiment with style and colour. There’s no better way to transform your look and attitude than to incorporate extensions into your beauty. strategy and whether you want to shout it from the rooftops or keep quiet about it, nobody will know that you are wearing extensions.”