TOWIE Star Wears Male Hair Extensions to Television’s Biggest Awards Ceremony

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2 October 2020
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20 October 2020
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TOWIE Star Wears Male Hair Extensions to Television’s Biggest Awards Ceremony

Last month, TOWIE star Tom Pearce shocked the nation as he admitted to wearing male hair extensions to the National Television Awards.  Whether it was a PR stunt or a genuine desire for longer, thicker hair, Tom is sure to set a trend for appearance conscience guys nationwide.

Male attitudes towards hair are changing, and it appears many more men are willing to go the lengths that women do to get long and lustrous hair.  The market for professional hair extensions is no longer a female-restricted area; men are starting to desire thicker and longer locks, and their choices are endless.  A world class industry specialist, Hair Development, welcome this change in male attitudes and provide a host of hair solutions aimed specifically at men.

Managing Director of Hair Development, Mark Burns, says “The fact that a male celebrity wore extensions to a high profile event proves that the stigma surrounding men who care for their hair is dimming.  Hair can be a sensitive subject for some men, who are desperate to keep their youthful look for longer.  Whether they are suffering from premature thinning and a receding hairline, or just struggle growing their hair and want to try a longer style, Hair Development have the answer.  We specialise in professional hair extension applications and hair replacement solutions, including laser re-growth therapy and a specially designed extension range for men.

Our M-Folds Connection extension range is ideal for fine hair, as they are the flattest extensions available on the market and require no bonding or chemical procedures.  There is also a vast selection of hair replacement advanced technologies now available, many of which have been developed by our company.  As globally respected experts in this field, no other Hair Replacement Systems offer the undetectable look, feel and results delivered by Hair Development’s products for men.”

Not only does Hair Development provide the most innovative Hair Replacement Systems using top quality human hair, but they also offer self-conscious men a selection of non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  For the ultimate natural effect, men should opt for the Miracle Graft Hair Replacement, the most advanced non-surgical hair replacement procedure.  Their experts implant the finest quality hair one strand at a time into a translucent membrane, which makes the system virtually undetectable by sight and touch.  Hair Development also offers laser re-growth therapy, to stop thinning or genetic male pattern hair loss before it affects a man’s confidence.